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Why Better Health Should Be One Of Your 2019 Goals?


Why Better Health Should Be One Of Your 2019 Goals?


2018 was a good year for us at The Spice Network because we have people like you that are always reading, contributing and connecting with us throughout all our platforms – The Spice Insight, The Spice Community, The Spice Daily.

We started The Spice NetworkTSN for short – as a go-to platform for everyone who desires better health and improved well-being. As we progress and seen as much people eager to better their health, the community was added. Thank you.

We want you to prioritize your health in 2019 – especially your mental health

If you followed the news in 2018 about the 30% or 40 million people in Nigeria have mental health issues, then it would only be wise to ensure you’re not part of the next statistics of those that will be included this year.

It should be a a part of your plan in 2019 to be healthy all round – from your job to your home and your inner being.

For us at TSN, we are optimistic that if your mental health is improved at its best, your whole life almost always follows same path.

If you don’t know where to start with creating a plan, you can start always start here.

Our plans for 2019 at TSN

As a company that plays at the intersection of media and tech, we always want to balance our act and offer premium solutions to all our readers and users.

So, we are going above just a publishing platform to getting real solutions to your hands – healthy solutions.

Below are some:

+ The Spice Insight: We will be sharing more practical contents from experts that are useful and that you can start using immediately in your life. Our expert’s professionals in their various fields – doctors, nutritionist, fitness, counsellors etc. Visit blog.thespicenetwork.com for daily insights.

+ The Spice Community: At TSN, we strongly believe that nobody should be strong for themselves individually. You should have people you can offer help to and also ask help from. We are paying 100% attention to growing the community this so more questions can be answered and solutions proffered on-the-go. If you’re not part of the community, you can join here.

+ The Spice Store: We are launching the health and wellness store before the end of the first quarter. Like I said earlier, we do not only want to be an information desk to you but also a place where you find real value. The store will have everything from healthy foods to wearables up to better clothes. ost of the products will be from our experts. Keep an eye out for it.

+ Talk-to-an-Expert: This is the number one reason why TSN exist at all. We figured that a lot of the people with mental health issues don’t like talking about it. Either they don’t know who to trust or the ones they know are on the high side in terms of cost. Talk-to-an-Expert is an app that connects people with health issues to experts via mobile anytime, anywhere and cost-effective too. We are in development, and hoping to make it available before the end of 2019 first half.

We are happy with what 2019 will be for us and our readers at TSN.

Thank you for another year – 2019.

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