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What Truth Do You Know About The Ketogenic Diet?


What Truth Do You Know About The Ketogenic Diet?


Amidst the various health trends in Nigeria, to try and watch what goes into our bowels; in the name of trying to shed some extra pounds (read lose weight), and being health conscious, one very prominent way which has been adopted by all and sundry is the ‘KETO DIET’.

I know you must be biting your fingers and waiting to know my thought right?

Just relax and learn.

Now what exactly does the keto diet entail?

Keto diet involves very high levels of fat containing foods, moderate protein intake and very little or no carbohydrate intake.

By delving into this, you make it the body’s task to break down fats and convert them to ketones (a normal bodys functions) in a very rapid manner through a process called ketosis.

This process involves a bypass from the normal glcolytic pathway of the body by the use of glucose as its fuel.

This process makes it easier for fat to be burned by the body and leaves no space for storage of fats since there is little or no carbohydrate in the diet.

The major reason for ketogenic diet was to help epileptic children thrive and respond quickly to treatments.

There are electrical responses in everyone’s brain and they are fueled by glucose; but sadly this responses tend to be higher in epileptic children thereby leading to convulsions and seizures. So, ketogenic diet is adopted.

When ketogenic diet has been adopted over a long period of time for weight loss, then there tends to be KETOACIDOSIS in the system leading to an imbalance in the pH of the blood.

If there is no close monitoring by a medical personnel while you go on a KETO journey for your weight loss program, then you are prone to:

  • Hyperlipidaemia (increased cholesterol, triglyceride and lower density lipoprotein levels) associated with heart diseases.
  • Increased risks of bone fractures
  • Heart palpitations
  • Kidney stones (hypercalciuria)
  • Constipation.

Always remember that weight loss should be followed in a healthy manner.

No rigidity and no drastic measures, just a slow but sure process.

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