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Wearable Tech – The Trendiest In The World Of Fitness By 2020


Wearable Tech – The Trendiest In The World Of Fitness By 2020


It’s quite awesome that technology has somehow reached its own transubstantiation. It’s not only about machines or gadgets that can do amazing things. It is not just about robots like washing machine, computers or smartphones.

It is now about how to work, walk, sleep, wake, eat… It is simply miraculous to know that one could wear a shirt and it is just more than a shirt. You could put on a simple wristwatch (read: smart watch) and it does more than tell what the time is – it tells you everything from your step count to your weight loss.

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What is Wearable Technology?

When our regular wearable like clothes, shoes, wristwatches or wristbands are transformed to perform functions that go beyond their normal function. For instance, you wear a shirt to cover your skin or to look fashionable or official or whatever, but it becomes –

“a wearable technology when that shirt can measure your heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, respiration rates and more or less through sensors that are made into the shirt”.

Wearable Technology is already here with us, more than reality, and more fascinating is the fact that people are beginning to understand the importance of fitness.

And now, there is a more – something that rates how hard you have worked, something that shows you the number of calories that you have burned, that tells you how many steps you have taken. And can even call emergency on your behalf in case of accidents – Apple Watch.

So the needs to track – fitness achievements, heart rates, sleep patterns, steps and so on – on the go through wearable have been stimulated.

This is Ridiculously Amazing! 

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Wearable Technology is the HOTTEST fitness trend by 2020 according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Their report was based on a Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020. 

As telecoms shifts from 4G to 5G, it is expected that the number of connected wearable devices would wildly skyrocket. This means that by 2020, the wearable tech market is looking at $1.1billion. 

Why should I care about this?

If you are conscious of your health and actively involved in physical exercises, these wearables will literarily help you to determine how far you should go in your exercising, how many calories you have burned or need to burn as per target, your respiration rates and so on

The Wearable Health Tech Trends


Smart wristwatches have become a very popular device in the fitness world. They perform fantastic functions; they help to keep track of your daily activities such as the distance covered, so it is possible to set health goals, like cut down on calories or burn fat, and keep it in the track.

Some of the most popular models are Fitbit, Huawei, Garmin, Samsung and Apple series 4. These devices have now come with improved battery life and also supports SD card.

The Apple Series 4 is quite different from the usual smart wristwatch because it does a little more; it has an inbuilt electrocardiogram to warn you when you are developing a heart complication. 


This is an interesting invention. They usually come with GPS connection, you can use it to swipe for payments and you can connect it to other smart appliances at home.

Most importantly, as it concerns our health and fitness world, is the fact that it can be used to track your biometric activity just like the smart wristwatches would do.

More so, you can activate a panic button with this device which will help send messages to your family or physician in case of any emergency with just a smart ring. Some of the most popular brands are the Lycos Life, Blinq, NFC Opn, Mc Lear and Oura smart rings.


This device helps to capture your data on a wider scope. As a matter of fact, it can track your health while you are asleep which makes it easier for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

It also performs the same function as that of a smartwatch as regards fitness.

The great thing about this device is that it is much more affordable. The most popular models are Suunto Spartan, Polar 0H1 and Xiaomi Mi Band 2S.


This invention is incredibly awesome; it’s a kind of fitness band that can track food intake, calories burned and sleep. This device will literarily help you keep fit at all times and keep you living a healthy lifestyle


This device is for cyclist. It has bright LED lights that serves as indicators for the drivers and pedestrians around the cyclist. It also protects a cyclist’s hands as well helps to add grip for the cyclist.


This is another fascinating invention. This wearable tech can help you see your work out data, it also provides navigation which is especially useful when you are walking, running or riding a new path.

This smart device will also display important information from your phone. The only models of this device are; GOOGLE GLASS and Recon Jet Smart Glasses


This is a wearable device that can basically do for you at your convenience the test that would have otherwise been carried out in a hospital. It tracks your speed, altitude, weight distribution, foot landing technique.

Also, it can measure heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, electrocardiograms, blood oxygen levels and respiration rates.

All this in a t-shirt but it could happen through sensors that have been woven into the fabric. Startup Sensoria manufactures and sells smarts t-shirts, sports bra and it functions optimally when it can communicate with another smart device. Another big manufacturer is Apple.

You should care about this if you are an employer because it can help create a healthy lifestyle in your organisation through group training or group exercises.

If you incorporate this in your employees, it will help relieve their work stress and thereby increase their productivity and satisfaction. As an employer, you want to make my employees happy per this post.

You should care about this as a fitness instructor or have a wellness centre because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest trend in the world of health and fitness.

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