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Want A Good Body? Here’s How To Embrace Your Body Image


Want A Good Body? Here’s How To Embrace Your Body Image


Are you beautiful? And what is beauty?

Some say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If this is somewhat true, who should be the beholder? And if this beholder has a different perspective from what he’s beholding, and decided “not beautiful”.

So, does that still counts?

According to a 2008 report by ISAC:

+ 62% of all girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves
+ 57% of all girls have a mother who criticizes her own looks

According to a report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in June 2012, 77% of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products, the world’s highest percentage. That compares with 59% in Togo, and 27% in Senegal.

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According to a dictionary definition:

“Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”

So admiring yourself that you’re beautiful in front of a mirror even if you don’t believe it at first, will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem over time.

Statistics has it that 95% of women do not have the ideal body type portrayed by the media.

While 50% of these women get depressed over their spouse feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied with their body image.

Therefore from time to time, they experience pressure from society, therefore, making self-acceptance more difficult to achieve.

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Majority of these women have been somewhat saved by the beauty goddess Kim Kardashian whose body image is seen as the only ideal body in the world.

She is (to many) setting an example for the entire world of women who are trying to build their self-esteem.

Is your beauty fashioned after a model?

Kim Kardashian is a go-getter when it comes to body image, she’s among the first to say we should look at body image in a positive and healthy way.

Early 2016 one of her followers commented on her post on Instagram and this really inspired so many;

“You flaunt your curves, you show off your body and don’t care what the haters have to say. You’re a mom, and a lot of moms don’t love their bodies so I applaud and bow down to you at the same time”.

Like we all know, Kim Kardashian has always wanted to be a model but because she’s not a 5/7 she couldn’t fit into the modelling sphere.

But she figured out she could be something else that looks like a model and this has given hope to every woman who’s struggling one way or the other with her body image, that they can actually create the kind of body image they want for themselves – Bolajo Fawehinmi

In a country like Nigeria, when people notice the alteration in one’s body image they ask, why is your waist so slim? The fact is that some people feel better that way – Laila J.  Salami

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Nonetheless, today’s modelling agencies have come to embrace the plus size kind of body image.

Fashion designers are starting to look more closely at the earning potentials from plus-size clothing, and have used plus-size models for their advertising campaigns and catwalks.

Thereby making room for self-acceptance for people to realize that there is no such thing as discrimination but only preference, therefore, they shouldn’t be pressurized by society.

Embracing and loving the real you

While shaping the kind of body image you want it’s always better to choose an exercise you love, and stick with it.

When you exercise for stress relief and fun, doing something you love will make you see your body in a different light more so your weight and health may naturally start to fall into place.

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If you are finding it hard to give up perfectionistic habits about your weight or size go talk to your therapist or read more valuable online contents to help you make better decisions.

PS: This is a summary of a session at the Social Media Week 2019 session – The Art of Ingenious Storytelling moderated by Latasha.

Image source: BBC


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