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SpiceInsight Daily, 004 – Thank you!


SpiceInsight Daily, 004 – Thank you!


2018 has been a great year for us at Strive & Thrive Inc., great things happened to us – the birth of The Spice Network.

And I know it has been a great one for you too irrespective of what you might have gone through that didn’t work out as expected.


Again and again, I find that one of the key is to be grateful and thankful.

There’s a saying that goes –> “if you take your eyes off the sun, you will see the shadows”.

How true?

So, as we go on the holiday, what are you grateful and thankful for?

I want you to sit down and be thankful even for the air you breathe, the opportunity to aspire for greatness and the fact that you’re reading this.

Thank you for the feedbacks

We received a lot of feedbacks on what we should change and what stories and post was liked the most. Among the many, I find these ones the most interesting:

What was yours?

This will be our last Newsletter and post for the year 2018 so we can enjoy the holiday with our family and friends, and prepare for 2019 success.

Today’s copy is the last of SpiceInsight Daily for the year 2018. SpiceInsight Daily will be back in your mailbox from the 3rd of January 2019.

We promised to keep you company during the holidays across our platforms, so keep an eye out on our community – FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | COMMUNITY!

Share SpiceInsight daily with your friends!

Omamuzo Samson,

Founder/Ceo, Strive & Thrive Inc.

www.zaidi.com.ng | www.thespicenetwork.com


LinkedIn | Twitter| Facebook


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