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SpiceInsight Daily, 001 – Doctors Are Using Condom in Place of Medical Gloves


SpiceInsight Daily, 001 – Doctors Are Using Condom in Place of Medical Gloves


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In Zimbabwe Doctors at public health institutions are rumoured to be using a condom in place of medical gloves as the government struggles to maintain critical supplies to the facilities. The doctors have taken to the streets in protest over the government’s failure to improve their conditions of service, including availing critical medicine and a review of their salaries. 

Researchers have discovered a new way to curb your risk of heart attack and stroke – “Weightlifting less than one hour per week” could increase your longevity. A team of researchers found that strength training or weightlifting for less than an hour a week results in a 40 to 70 percent reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke

Headaches can be caused by many factors which include hunger. Many people seem to believe that headache cannot be associated with hunger but the truth is it can and it is commonly called HUNGER-HEADACHE. 

If you are an overthinking, over-worried fellow, here’s how to practice self-love in order to stop worrying and stressing so much and start feeling good long-term. When you feel good, you naturally worry less and are better able to focus on the positives things in life. When you feel good, you are able to continue putting the effort to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

While Christmas is an exciting season filled with joyful celebrations, re-connections and quality time with those we cherish most, it can also bring it owns anxiety, stress and pressure. There is often an overwhelming pressure to get everything done — and to do it right — and financial concerns in regards to buying gifts, new clothes for the kids, fixing you’re your interiors, making sure the car is in good condition etc. can raise the stakes.

How do you know when therapy is effective? Here’s how

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As you enjoy the peace and joy that comes with Christmas and the holiday, but somehow still feel the pressures, join our health and wellness community to talk directly with an expert.
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