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SpiceInsight Daily, 003 – Do You Know About Your Health Benefit As An Employee?


SpiceInsight Daily, 003 – Do You Know About Your Health Benefit As An Employee?


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Do You Know About Your Health Benefit As An Employee? As an employer and employee, you should know that having a standard health insurance for your employee and also for the employee to understand that he or she has an opportunity to access this is part of his benefits. Just a few days ago, The Lagos State Mandatory Health Insurance scheme Launched by Akinwumi Ambode.

Dear employer of labour, there are some good reasons to Invest in Benefits you’re not offering now. In addition to soaring health care costs, demand for wellness – or well-being – benefits is on the rise. As many as 40% of HR leaders planned to invest in corporate wellness benefits this year, a trend that coincides with the rise of disruptive wellness apps and tech products.

How much sleep is good sleep? There are many posts already written telling us what time of the day the most successful people like Bill Gates get off the bed or how Elon Musk wakes by 4am. To be sure, read this How to sleep for success? And why 8 hours and more?

As a parent, there are some childhood characters that stick with us even in our adulthood and sometimes can affect our success rate. The other side is the effect it can have on those close to us especially our kids. There is a solution on “How To Make Sure Your Math Anxiety Doesn’t Make Your Kids Hate Math”.

As an employee, what benefit package do you look out for when accepting a job offer? As an employer of labour, what tops your packages? If you are not sure, Jobberman says; “Health Insurance“.

This report tries to answer the question; “Are school report cards a precipitant to child physical abuse?” And the answer will surprise you. Once in a while, a story comes out that is unsummarizable. It cannot be done. So just read it.

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