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#SocialMediaWeek2019 Health And Wellness Sessions To Attend


#SocialMediaWeek2019 Health And Wellness Sessions To Attend


The Social Media Week 2019 holds this year from February 4th to 8th, and as usual have gathered together activities that are not only enlightening but also profitable.

Part of these years session, and the ones we are particularly happy about are the health and wellness sessions. We curated some of the health and wellness sessions at this year’s Social Media Week that you should attend.

Demystifying Yoga in Nigeria:

Yoga is an ancient health practice with roots in Indian & Egyptian culture dating as far back as 3000 BCE but became a widespread trend in the Western world in the late ’80s.

Since then, many styles of this physical practice have evolved making it more mainstream and accessible to the global community. 

Studies show that a low-impact exercise such as yoga is more effective in the maintenance of one’s mental health and prevents relapses in people managing depression and stress.

Let’s talk about it and not carry last with this tried and tested wellness practice. 

This session is aimed at showing how yoga can support and anchor your existing spiritual and fitness practices.

Register for the Yoga class HERE.

Mindful Eating: Recipe For Success

Mindful Eating: Recipe For Success is a robust panel discussion with foodies and nutritionist to ask the very important questions!

We’ll explore where our food comes from, which nourishing foods to add to your meals and discuss recipes and tips to become more mindful of your eating for a healthier happier and fitter life.

Bring questions about the latest fab diet and pen & paper to take notes and build your own custom recipe!


  • Why food and nutrition matter
  • How to read food labels for optimal health

Register for HERE.

Meditation To Mindfulness: Building On Your Focus

Mindfulness is the end game, and it has become a powerful recourse for living in today’s world. It is a way to train the mind to achieve a higher level of concentration, awareness, focus, calm and agility.

Register for the session HERE.

Minimalism: Creating A Happy, Healthy Workstation

When you spend hours at your desk every day, even the smallest features of your workstation can greatly affect your productivity (and even your health).

Your workstation shouldn’t wear you down, but that’s what uncomfortable chairs, messy desks, and poor lighting do even though you might not notice these things day after day.

With a few adjustments, however, you can improve your working environment and keep your scattered desk from getting you down! Learn how to tidy and declutter your workstation with a minimalist mindset.

Register to attend HERE.

How Walking & Radical Self-Care Can Save Your Life

Do you want to learn how radical self-care and walking can lead toward your healthiest, most-fulfilled life?

Do you want to learn how walking heals our bodies, inspires our daughters and reclaims the streets of our neighborhoods?

Do you want to be connected with the largest public health movement for Black women in the United States and across the world?

If so, this event is for you!

GirlTrek is changing lives by inspiring Black women and girls to use radical self-care and walking as the first practical step to leading healthier, more fulfilled lives while inspiring healthy families and communities.

And it all starts with investing 30 minutes a day into your health and wellness.

Join GirlTrek for a walk!  We will walk two miles roundtrip from the Landmark Centre to Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and through the City of David Church and back to the Landmark Centre.

This event is for women-only. The first 25 women to sign up will receive free exclusive GirlTrek gear.

Register HERE.

Image source: The Nerve

This year’s event – Social Media Week 2019, have a lot of sessions, content, and activities for health and wellness enthusiasts.

You can see all the social media week 2019 health and wellness schedule here. And also follow us for all updates.

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