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Iyinoluwa Aboyeji: Future Africa Fund Now Open To Co-investors


Iyinoluwa Aboyeji: Future Africa Fund Now Open To Co-investors


We are excited to announce the Future Africa Collective – our people-powered innovation fund that allows you co-invest with us. ” – Iyi Aboyeji

The Future Africa Fund – founded by Andela and Flutterwave cofounder – Iyi Aboyeji, launched earlier this, is now open to co-investors as it bids to back solutions tackling issues associated with the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

He wants investors interested in funding startups to join his Africa Future Collective.

A key part of the initiative is an early-stage investment fund that aimed to back up to 20 founders with up to US$50,000 of capital each year.

Yet with the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated global crisis, Future Africa has adjusted its plans somewhat and is seeking co-investors.

In a blogpost; Iyi wrote (pieced into bullets):

At Future Africa, we partner with innovators turning our continent’s most difficult challenges into global business opportunities.

Andela and Flutterwave – our best performing portfolio companies have one thing in common – they were both founded in the middle of grave economic recessions and a health pandemic just like this one.

The Future Africa Collective offers qualified investors who apply and are admitted an opportunity to co-invest with us on a deal-by-deal basis through investment syndicates.

We need you, our community, to partner with us as we fund the next Andelas and Flutterwaves through this health and economic crisis. Like you, we believe that especially as far as Africa is concerned, capital is not just a tool for creating and preserving wealth, it is also a weapon of innovation and revolution.

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If you would like to join the Future Africa Collective – our exclusive community of co-investors in African innovators building the future – please apply here.