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How To Have Longer Natural Eyelashes In 4 Simple Steps


How To Have Longer Natural Eyelashes In 4 Simple Steps


Eyes are like paradise and eyelashes are doors to paradise more so, eyelashes adorn the eyes and make it more attractive and mesmerizing.

Of course, Eyelashes compliments the beauty in human eyes, it builds confidence in women and makes our makeup looks complete.

Let’s not forget that eyelashes protect the eyes from dirt. The beauty in eyelashes cannot be overemphasized when it’s longer and fuller you just wanna drown in those eyes.

Long eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty in many cultures. some women seek to enhance their eyelash length artificially, using eyelashes extension.  

On the other hand, some women are known to trim their own eyelashes. How about I show you great tips on how to get longer natural eyelashes?

Kohl, a black putty has been worn as far back as the bronze age to darken the edge of the eyelid (just at the bottom of the eyelashes).

In Ancient Egypt, it was used as well by the wealthy and the royal to beautify their eyes. Modern eye makeup includes Mascara, Eyeliner, Kohl, and so on to compliment the eyes.

Yes, and what was the question “can I get a natural look without artificial lashes extensions?” well yes shawty!!

Here’s the deal and it’s just four (4) steps away.

Step One

Begin to curl your lashes with the use of eyelash curler, curl through from the base to the tip. While doing this make sure you hold every clamp for 5 seconds to get a perfect curl. Here we used M.A.C eyelashes curler.

Step Two

Brush mascara through lashes with some coats on eyelashes. Make sure you brush through the upper and lower lashes respectively in order to maintain a certain degree of equity.

We are currently tripping for CLASSIC mascara, you can apply as many coat as you want without smudging and it can last all day long.

Step Three

Here comes the trick!! Pour a little amount of baby powder( preferably white) in your hands or better still into an empty jar or tin(make sure it doesn’t have liquid in it).

Dip a Q-tip into the powder and apply on both the lower and upper lashes respectively making sure the entire lashes are coated and the powder is evenly distributed. You definitely don’t wanna have loose ends.

Step Four

Apply some coat of mascara evenly to make the lashes black again making sure no white lashes are left out. By doing this the lashes turn raven-black!!. Giving you that captivating and attractive look

Viola!!! The difference is crystal clear, the lashes are now fuller, longer, thicker and blacker than before. Wanna bet a trial will make you lose the taste for Artificial eyelashes extension.

Above listed are just the tips on how to anyone can easily get longer natural eyelashes without spending so much on beauty products. Subsequently, I will be writing on how to use different other beauty products to enhance your everyday look.

Image: pexels.com


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