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How To Care For Your Mental Health Issue As An Entrepreneur – Noble Igwe


How To Care For Your Mental Health Issue As An Entrepreneur – Noble Igwe


At the just concluded Social Media Week 2019, we spoke to some Nigeria entrepreneurs to understand how they manage their mental health.

We had our time with Noble Igwe, a Nigerian fashion stylist and consultant, and the creative director for 360nobs.com and stylevitae.com.

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Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it’s critical to wellbeing. – Diane Abbott

How to balance your mental health as an entrepreneur

When I asked Noble Igwe how he has been able to balance his work and his mental health, he answered by stating the possible reasons why there were mental health issues in the first place.

He said, “the reason many entrepreneurs and business owners have mental health issue is they make all transactions in cash, that is, they provide all the things needed to run their business by themselves.

Government support is either very minimal or not just there at all”.

This is not uncommon among entrepreneurs in Nigeria as they provide their own power, securities and ensure they remain profitable.

There are real mental health issues among entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneurs mental health effects has been talked about as pointed out in this post by Alexis Ohanian.

Probably that’s why the words of Aristotle rings true to our ears – “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness,” said Aristotle”.

Entrepreneurs should always find time to rest

Noble Igwe thinks “most entrepreneurs hardly find the time to rest (read hustle porn) but when you work a nine to five, you probably have the time you take off work.

That’s not just the case for most entrepreneurs. A lot of people have mental health issues and emotionally unbalanced”.

Why we don’t talk about our mental health state

He went on to say that “in Nigeria, we have a huge mental health case but as we are aware as Nigerians and in Africa environs (culture), we refer to people with mental health cases has been “mad, crazy or gone psycho“.

So, we don’t go talking about these things”.

When I asked Noble Igwe if he had ever had downtime, he said no, “but there are times that I have anxiety, and the anxiousness comes from when I’m tired and have overworked myself“.

What works for you

And when we try to find out if he has ever taken time to schedule one-on-one time with a health expert, he answered; “No, you’ve to understand what works for you. For him, he probably need to take time to rest”.

Image credit: Noble Igwe


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