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How To Care For Your Mental Health Issue As An Entrepreneur – Charles Akhimien


How To Care For Your Mental Health Issue As An Entrepreneur – Charles Akhimien


Charles Akhimien is the co-founder of MOBIcure, a social enterprise providing mobile technology solutions in healthcare for Nigeria.

He is also a Medical Doctor.

I spoke with him at the Social Media Week 2019 just before he climbed the Launched in Africa stage to pitch his startup – MyPaddi.

MyPaddi is an app where you can discuss anything and everything about health from sex to pregnancy to contraceptive.

According to Charles, comparing Omomi – an app that helps parents keep their children healthy and MyPaddi;

“Omomi and MyPaddi are solving pressing problems but MyPaddi is more fun because of the demography especially for young people where discussions such as sex, threesomes, contraceptives are always happening”.

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He says “as crazy as it sounds, all the discussion on MyPaddi are very important and they just hit 10,000 users”.

How have you been able to manage your mental health

At this point, I had to bring in the question we had asked other entrepreneurs, “how do you manage your mental health?“.

In the first few seconds, Charles tried finding the right words in between mixed words in tongue but finally got to it – “PRIORITIZING”;

“I think it’s prioritizing by being able to set aside time for particular activities.

As a startup you always want to be checking the numbers, staying late on your laptop, and the problem with this type of activity is that you are not allowing your body to rest and recover”.

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He further stated that as an entrepreneur you’re faced with the temptation of working late into the night and forgetting that you have other people in your life that are more important than your business.

Charles hinted that the plan that has worked for him is that he now has an opening and closing time at work, go to work as early as possible so he can get an ample of things done, and once he’s at home he puts away his laptop and only attends to an emergency.

What if you get a work email

So, I decided to ask him an inescapable question: “What if you get a work email?” knowing you can always receive notifications of new messages on your phone.

He answered in a slightly funny way; “I will wait till the next morning because I’m not the president of the United State (why not Nigeria though!!!). If it’s not a pressing issue, it can wait”.

The health tech entrepreneur thinks if you can prioritize and try scheduling a vacation, which is rare in this part of the world, you can better manage your mental health. Vacation helps you recharge.

The Doctor said the body is like a battery and if you keep using it you’re going to need some time off so it can recharge and refuel.

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Have you ever had a breakdown before?

Charles Akhimien, when asked the question said he hadn’t because he always finds the time to relax.

Image credit: Charles Akhimien


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