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Have You Written Down Your 2019 Goals Here’s A Simple How To


Have You Written Down Your 2019 Goals Here’s A Simple How To


2018 is rounding up so fast, and I can hear you trying frantically to sort yourself out so you don’t go into 2019 with a bag of debt – things not done.

And I can also hear you shouting in your head that you won’t find yourself in this situation where you didn’t achieve your goals the way you had anticipated.

Well, spoiler alert – ‘2019 will almost deliver to you same thing’.

Good news – ‘you can make 2019 deliver to you what you want’.

As I take stock of my 2018 and try to see what need to change and what I can do differently to make 2019 be a better year for me. Especially in areas of my finances and business.

So, I came across this video on YouTube by Dr Myles Munroe titled “The Power of Planning and Change”.

There’s nothing extra about the title but somehow I clicked the play button and couldn’t stop as I realized this is timely as 2018 is rounding up and 2019 is upon us.

This Christmas holiday, instead of spending all your free time partying, visiting and sleeping, take some time off all the noise to watch this video – “The Power of Planning and Change”

It is a 3 part series that I promise will help you focus on making that desired progress in 2019. If 2018 has been so bad that you look so beaten, this 3 part lessons by Dr Myles Munroe will make all the difference for you.

Excerpts from “The Power of Planning and Change“:

  • There are two powers in life that we have to deal with every day but can never control or stop – “Time and Change”.
  • A man’s life consists in how he uses time and manage change.
  • The key to your future is the successful management of time and change. You become what you are by how you manage time and change.
  • You don’t have forever to do what you want to get done. You don’t have the luxury of experimenting.
  • Time and Change are the raw materials of life. They’re the building blocks. It’s the only commodity that all humans have in common.
  • You become what you are by how you use your ’24 hours’.
  • Make a decision that you will become a professional manager of Time and Change in 2019.
  • The principle key to management of Time and Change is PLANNING.
  • Plan the Change you want to see in 2019.

Watch the 3 Part Series of “The Power of Planning and Change“: 

The Power of Planning and Change – part 1

The Power of Planning and Change – part 2


The Power of Planning and Change – part 3


I hope 2019 be to you what you planned for.


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