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6 Ways To Be More Good Looking And Attractive


6 Ways To Be More Good Looking And Attractive


Looking good is good business, we find ourselves in a society whereby attractive men tend to be more intelligent, receive a better salary, are better adjusted, more popular and eventually becomes the ladies men while having a successful dating experience than their unattractive counterparts.

While the benefits of looking good are already stated; how do we go about them?

Here are the 6 proven ways

1. Whiten your teeth

In addition to increased confidence, the colour of your teeth can leave a lasting impression, It’s easy to forget about them, but everybody else sees your teeth every time you open your mouth.

So it’s in your best interest to keep them looking clean if you want to look attractive and handsome.

You can check up DIYs for remedies in this aspect, personally, I like to use whitening toothpaste alongside turmeric, some people prefer using charcoal.

For best results, consult your dentist about which method will work best for you.

2. Haircut

It’s amazing how a haircut transforms and also enhances one looks. From time to time it’s always better to have a clean cut in order to enhance your looks and attractiveness.

A change in hairstyle can make you look in vogue too, therefore, it’s highly advisable to check to look up for trendy hairstyles.

3. Always Smell Nice

Men would always sweat therefore it is very essential to smell nice. This includes showering with a scented wash, using deodorant or perfume.

Smelling nice also goes a long way into having a signature scent of your own which will enable people in identifying your personality.

4. Regular Facials

Facials eradicate acne, oily faces, blackheads and make the face younger. It includes exfoliation, massaging and scrubbing with various products which are essentially beneficial to the face. This should be done at least every month

5. Take care of your hands and feet

Most times your hands give the first impressions because they make the first physical contact with a person therefore how your hands look and feels matters a lot.

Therefore it’s essential to wash your hands regularly, clip your fingers and also moisturize your hands to keep them in good condition simultaneously do the same to your feet.

6. Trim your beard occasionally

Beard is the new black, in addition to looking sleek and sexy, you end us looking more Manly. Stop shaving your face with a razor which in turns gives you burns Instead, use a beard trimmer that will leave the perfect amount of beard.

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