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6 Steps On How To Stay Healthy And Enjoying Festivity


6 Steps On How To Stay Healthy And Enjoying Festivity


Yeah!!! It’s Christmas again.

A lot of people are definitely going to indulge in a lot of festivity food and forget all about eating healthy, and that means that a majority of us will be seeing our waistline expanding during this time also.

At this time of the year, even the most disciplined healthy eaters will find it almost impossible to control their temptations. Now the big question is “how do you stay fit and enjoy the festivity?”

Below are a few hint and ideas that will help you stay healthy while you enjoy this festive period to the fullest.

In order to stay in shape, make sure you don’t sit for a prolonged period of time. Remember that sitting for long periods at a time can harm your health.

Do you know that sitting for long periods at a time can increase the chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes? Now, you know.

Not mentioning the discomfort of a backache and muscle strain. Hence, Regular exercises can help prevent the chances of this occurring. As little as taking a five minutes’ walk at intervals during your holiday and in the middle of your festivities will help you stay healthy.

During vacations, a lot of us often forget to drink water and keep ourselves hydrated, make sure you do not make this mistake. Start each day with a plan and make sure to stick to it.

Track your food intake as well as the activity level. The brain sometimes confuses hunger with thirst; therefore, make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day. Staying Hydrated keeps one away from a lot of infections and contributes to a perfect well-being.

Amidst all the festivity, make sure you have and follow a schedule. Get up early every morning and take out some time to exercise- it keeps you healthy and helps burn excess calories. The holiday season will give you a lot of reasons to skip scheduled regular exercises but don’t lose your determination.

If it is difficult to eat healthy food, make sure to squeeze out time to exercise because you don’t want to store extra calories. Also, try to follow a scheduled eating habit. Make sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the appropriate time.

And finally, try to get a minimum of 6 hours sleep every day.

Holidays can be tricky and hectic, therefore, when it comes to exercising and healthy eating, try not to fall into the all or nothing trap. During this time of the year, try to get creative with exercise and think about fun and interactive ways to make exercise a fun part of the day.

Include your family members as well and make it a family affair. Think outside the box and enjoy some quality time with your family while concentrating on your health.

Be vigilant about your cooking methods. Instead of frying, make food that’s baked. While roasting, use low-calorie oil. Steam your vegetables in order to retain nutrients and flavour. Do not lose touch of healthy cooking habit this season.

Happiness is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Been happy relieves you from a lot of psychological and mental stress. This is the first step to achieving all-around healthy wellbeing.

Source, Dietitian Nalini

Image: pexel.com


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