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4 Gifts You Should Never Give On Valentines Day As A Man


4 Gifts You Should Never Give On Valentines Day As A Man


It’s that time of the year again, where love is presumed to be in the air. Although some people argue that love should be celebrated every day and not just on Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day is here – a day of celebration of love (correct or not, you choose) – a day that dates as far back as the 14th century. 

According to a piece on Thrive Global, “Legend has it that St. Valentine was a Roman priest who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Christians about 270. He was buried in Rome and reportedly the then Pope, Pope Julius, built a basilica over his grave”.

And the day is coloured RED.

Nonetheless, many of us see valentine’s day as an opportunity to grow their relationship and fix unhealhty things between themselves.

Many people are confused about what to gift their partners or friends and colleagues on this day, it’s always good to be on a safe side.

What I’m about to share with you will save you tons of grief in order not to get on the bad side of your partner. Here is some gift you should absolutely avoid gifting on valentine’s day.

Text messages

Never assumes your woman is not a fan of Valentine’s day celebration.

Sending a woman a text message alone (mark the word – ALONE!) may put her off if she sees how her friends are being graced on by their partners.

And as nice as the thought behind the message may be, it should be followed by something tangible and touchable.

This doesn’t only affects her emotionally, but also her self esteem that could lead to depression as she might never talk about it with you or anyone.

Every woman loves being appreciated and pampered. Customize the day and let it be a day to be remembered for her.

Paper cards and plastic flowers

Maybe this was done during your secondary (high) school days and we really appreciated it then, nonetheless, this is a nice gift if your partner is still in secondary school (lol!).

If you are getting a gift for your woman do not bother giving this kind of gift to your partner as Valentine’s day if you are above 30 because the world has gone past this stage.

Grooming Appliances  

Looking good is good business and all, but a razor/shave or a grooming appliance on a Valentine’s Day seems a little strange and off.

And the danger in this type of gift is that your partner may assume you are asking her to shave and that she probably doesn’t always look presentable to you.


Gifting underwear can pass a whole lot of wrong hints to your partner. While getting underwear for your partner may be a good gesture, it’s definitely not a nice gift idea for valentine day.

The underwear may be a turn-off and you may not like the way the day would end. More so, a guy may feel you are trying to tell him his underpants are not good enough while a lady may feel the guy is deliberately trying to get her to bed.

PS: Even if she has mentioned to you that she needs these things in the past please avoid getting her these items for valentine’s day.

PSS: Sorry guys, just have to do this for the girls. *smiles*


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