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4 Amazing Benefits Of Makeup Application


4 Amazing Benefits Of Makeup Application


An average woman spends 15 minutes applying makeup even if it’s just powder and lip gloss and you shouldn’t feel guilty about this.

makeup dates back to 10,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Both men and women used Kohl for their eyes to decrease sun glare and prevent dirt also ointments to clean the skin and cover up body odors. Soon colored clays and dyes began to emerge also lips stains and nails.

Recent trends have highlighted a #no makeup movement with celebs like Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara showing up barefaced to the MTV Video Music Awards; women have started going natural while there are some Women who want to wear makeup, but aren’t sure about it; women who wear it, but feel guilty about it. Nonetheless, there are lots of really positive reasons to wear makeup.

1. Gives Confidence

Of course, the number one reason I love wearing makeup is that it boosts my confidence all day.

It’s not necessary you wear heavy makeup before you feel this way, even the slightest polish on your face can stir up that confidence and makes you feel more in control.

2. It gives room for a “you time”

We all can be busy sometimes

Because of the day’s hustle and bustle, we fail to have time to ourselves. The goodness is that while doing your makeup you are definitely having a “you time” taking cognizance of your body, skin, feature and so on.

3. it makes you look more competent

It can make you appear more competent even if you don’t feel like it. That’s right, wearing makeup can also help others perceive you as more competent, just by looking at you people assume and see you as a person ready to take up the world and ready for a battle. This shows that attractiveness is correlated with competency.

4. It’s fun

what’s more fun than painting and what’s more colorful than the eyeshadows, makeup isn’t all business, though. It also can be downright fun to create a new look with pencils and eyeshadow palettes. You get to become this whole other person when you try new looks to suit your mood. For me, it’s just fun all the way.

5. It helps to connect with fellow women

I realized that while wearing makeup or talking with another woman about makeup there is this feeling of humility. It was a way of saying ‘I don’t think I’m so gorgeous that I don’t need something to look my best.’ And that can bring women together.”

In other words, admitting “I use foundation too”  or “I also use the mascara for my eyelashes” can create a kind of cosmetic camaraderie among women.

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