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3 Smart Ways To Feel More Comfortable With Yourself


3 Smart Ways To Feel More Comfortable With Yourself


Feeling comfortable with yourself all comes down to self-worth and self-esteem; it means not comparing yourself to others.

And feeling not just okay with yourself but perfect with the way you look, what you weigh, having good high self-esteem and looking back to appreciate where you at in life now.

We are often faced with the social media image of what a “perfect life” should be because sometimes our days may be going just fine but immediately we go into checking updates from the social media we see other people’s day getting even better than ours and we feel sad again.

We all do it all the time and it tells a lot on our self-confidence.

The best remedy to getting past this is taking time out to figure out who you really are, by doing what makes you truly happy while doing this stop comparing yourself with another person and start seeing how unique you are, unravel yourself and see what an adventure you have within.

I guarantee you, you will be less shaken by whatever people are doing because of you probably busy doing you.

In this article, I will be sharing 3 things to make you feel more comfortable with yourself wherever and whenever.

Happy reading.

1. Do what makes you Happy

A step to figuring out who you really are is to start doing what makes you happy.

When you’re feeling bad about yourself, it’s so easy to say “yes” to things you don’t really want to do more so you end up taking up other peoples hobby just for the sake of having friends.

Once you start getting comfortable with yourself you will definitely know how to say “no” to the things you don’t enjoy doing.

A friend of mine loves buying herself things from online stores a lot even when she can get them at the roadside, so I asked why do you do that she answered when I buy from the online store it’s as if I’ve received a gift, it makes me happy.

That day onwards I never questioned why she loved it because it’s a joy to watch her when those items arrive, she suddenly becomes fulfilled.

So do whatever makes you happy, do not settle for anything less and those same people will love you for it if we’re ever true.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

when thinking of how to get a “perfected” life It’s so easy to let your health fall by the wayside, knowing full well that not sleeping, not eating right, not drinking enough water can put your health to risk which will end up making you less wonderful about yourself.

A list of three hours daily beauty routine makes me feel good, I always take my time to have a long shower, humming a whole list of country songs while brushing my teeth and of course drinking lots of water afterward which is undisputedly good for the body also some good pedicure and manicure sometimes for a girl has to spoil herself.

When you prioritize taking care of yourself, you begin to love yourself even the more and build your self-confidence which in turns makes you more comfortable with who you are.

3. Learn to love your imperfections/flaws

Do you remember being young and hated your freckles, wishing for a freckle-free face and also a straighten hair instead of curly hair. But as we grew older we began to appreciate and embrace our scars, flaws and all the imperfections.

Who would have thought that having freckles  or curly hair would become a beauty trend which every lady actually tried out in 2018

I can remember hating my face when I was much younger, if you knew me then you probably hated seeing me. I would stay quiet indoors because I had lots of pimples and acne, I tried a lot of remedies but it just won’t  go away, just then I started wearing my face out everywhere I went, I embraced it and didn’t use anything on it, before I knew it my face was all smooth as if I never had an acne on my face before.

I guess everyone has something they don’t like about themselves but that imperfection or flaws is what makes you Amazingly Unique.

Being comfortable with yourself tells on both physical and emotional aspect of one’s life, by doing these three above listed routines you have taken care of your self worth and self-esteem.

Image credit: FreePik


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