How To Fix Stress Management Like Top Companies Do

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how to handle stress at home and at work

When it comes to fixing your stress problem or the ability to managing it, it boils down to an individual willingness to act on what advice they’re being offered, hoping that it will help.

Let’s quickly steal these words from, Jeff Bezos does not believe in the term “work-life balance,”labelling it a “debilitating phrase,” as cited in Business InsiderAccording to Bezos, the underpinning of the term “work-life balance” assumes a tradeoff. Bezos, instead, likens the relationship between the two to a circle. When you’re happier at home, you perform better at work; when you’re happy at work, you’re more present at home”.

One other idea is to look at what others are doing that is already working for them and mirror them in your own situation.

We scrubbed the internet to see how top companies are managing stress and the individuals that are succeeding at their own stress management.

Some of the tips are innovative while others are what you already know but probably never tried out.

Enjoy, and above all – APPLY THEM.



Washington State-based beverage company Talking Rain Beverage Co. is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Thanks to their location and the forethought of their executives, the company makes wellness a pillar of their success. As Vice President of Human Resources Vivian Page explains, “Our belief is that in order to be your best self, you need access to great collaborative spaces that allow you to connect with your colleagues, an open-door policy with executives, and casual and engaging activities that stimulate thought-provoking ideas and conversation.” In addition to the basic layout of their headquarters, they also offer meditation rooms, onsite gyms with personal trainers, yoga classes, wellness classes, and as a bonus, easy access to hiking trails and walking paths for on-the-go meetings or mid-afternoon breaks.


Take a break  

When you hit a wall or are struggling through a difficult phase, it’s okay to take a step back and disconnect for a bit. Whether it means working out every morning, going on a midday walk, doing yoga on weekends or signing up for a crafting class, give yourself the gift of a well-deserved break. Taking time to recharge will be beneficial in the short-term as well as the long run.


Don’t skip vacation 

It’s tempting, especially when job stress is high, to push onward and be a martyr. We all like to come across as committed to our work. But is your commitment really shining through if you’re stressed out all the time and less productive as a result?


Find a confidante 

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to bring to our attention that we’re not handling stress well. That’s why experts suggest that having someone to confide in can be a key component to reducing your stress.Hall suggests finding someone at work or in your life to lean on. “They’ll be the one to know when you’ve gone AWOL, when you’re about to flip a switch, or when your productivity has gone down,” she says.


Make sure that employees know the company goals and have a chance to identify ways they contribute. Small group meetings are a good way to help employees connect company goals to individual roles.


Anxiety Management 

Anxiety can be challenging, but technology can help you understand and manage it. The SAM app helps monitor your anxiety and behaviour and can connect you anonymously with a community of support and shared experience. Getting support can help alleviate feelings of isolation as you find common ground with other people with similar challenges.

As an individual reading this, or as a company, you should check things out with a professional.

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